Infection Prevention and Disinfection for the Workplace

Infection Prevention in the Workplace

Creating a safe work environment is the first step to getting your business back on track. COVID-19 has had an effect on almost every industry. As we start to get back into the office we need to protect both our employees and our customers from infection.

Develop an Infection Prevention Plan

You shouldn’t reopen your business without a plan for infection prevention and disinfection in place. The CDC and local health organizations have suggested guidelines to help you create a plan. It is important that all leadership and employees understand and adhere to the company plan. 

Infection Prevention Procedures.

A successful plan starts with a thorough cleaning. After the initial cleaning it is important to frequently disinfect high touch surfaces throughout every work day. Daily health checks of employees and customers will help keep potentially unhealthy people from spreading the disease. Consider only bringing part of the staff back into the office to reduce the amount of people inside of the building. Encourage employees to wear a face covering while in the office. Check out the CDC website for more information.

Infection Prevention With Corporate Cleaning Group

When it comes to infection prevention and disinfection experience matters. Our team is fully-trained in using current cleaning technologies. At CCG we use medical facility cleaning procedures for all facility types. We use EPA registered disinfectant and allow for chemical dwell time for maximum effectiveness. For more information about our infection prevention and disinfection services visit us online.

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