Infection Prevention and Disinfecting Services

What can be done to reduce exposure to coronavirus in my facility?

The CDC, State and Local Health Departments recommend deep-cleaning and disinfection of high-touch services.


Here's how Corporate Cleaning Group can help:

Experience Matters

  • Long standing cleaning for Health Program
  • Medical facility cleaning procedures for all facility types
  • Fully-trained employees
  • Utilizing current cleaning technologies

Our Process

  • Use of EPA registered disinfectant
  • Chemical dwell time allowed for maximum effectiveness
  • Electrostatic Sprayer


  • One-time disinfection
  • Periodic disinfection
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection as your janitorial service provider

To discuss how Corporate Cleaning Group can assist your facility with Coronavirus preparedness or response, please contact us for your free consultation.

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What People Are Saying

Brian Hughes

Vice President, Northern Equities Group

I have worked with many cleaning companies, and I can easily and sincerely say that the Corporate Cleaning Group is one of the best. They clean a significant portion of our properties. Key for me is the hands on approach by the owners...

Jon Meyers

Administrator, Redeemer Presbyterian Church & Redeemer Academy

Corporate Cleaning has been a valuable partner with Redeemer Presbyterian Church for the past 3 years. In that time Corporate Cleaning has met our increasing demands as our day school’s activities have increased, the Church’s activities have grown, and so has the size of the facility...

Sandra Richards

Administrative Manager, University of Michigan, Department of Psychiatry

In my experience with Corporate Cleaning I have found them to be professional, flexible, and reliable. The evening crew does an excellent job of cleaning and respecting patient confidentiality...

Dick Cooper

Director of Facilities & Construction, Church of the Resurrection

Corporate Cleaning Group has been our cleaning partner for over nine years. We selected CCG for their competitive pricing, extensive knowledge of church operations and their flexibility to staff cleaners when and where we needed them the most...

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