Our Methodology

Corporate Cleaning Group abides by a unique methodology of healthy cleaning and quality control. Our clinically-clean approach provides the most effective clean possible, while our quality control systems work to guarantee your satisfaction.

Quality Control Systems

Job cards

We will appropriately zone your facility and create a job card coordinating daily and weekly tasks based on your unique traffic flow. Prior to considering our job complete, all tasks will be inspected guaranteeing our efficiency.

Inspection forms

Our own system of checks and balances, ensuring all Corporate Cleaning employees are performing highly efficient services.

Monthly meetings

Your singular Corporate Cleaning point of contact will meet you in person to discuss your satisfaction.

Cleaning for Health

Pretreatment Method

Contrary to ineffective spray and wipe, color-coded microfiber cloths are presoaked in disinfectant, resulting in the most effective clinical clean.


Specially filtrated vacuums reduce harmful airborne dust particles.


Microfiber mop heads and zero-contamination buckets ensure clean water is always applied.

Key touch-points

Microbial hotspots (restrooms, door handles, telephones, etc.) are identified and cleaned using disinfectants and our pre-soak systems.

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