Auto Dealership Cleaning During COVID-19

Prevent Infection at Your Auto Dealership

Most industries have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has forced us to change the way businesses and customers interact with each other. The auto industry has had to adapt and in order to conduct in person sales a frequently cleaned dealership is key.

Auto Dealership Cleaning: Making Customers Feel Safe

There is a lot of anxiety that stems from COVID-19. Many people are weary of venturing out to shop at businesses. Make your customers feel comfortable enough to come into the dealership to purchase a vehicle. Take measurements to keep your business clean and prevent the spread of infection. Cleaning common areas and high-touch surfaces often is a good place to start. Providing hand sanitizer and wearing gloves are also good for keeping things clean.

More Ways to Prevent Infection at Your Auto Dealership 

There are several practices that have been strongly recommended by health organizations to follow when opening back up. Encourage your employees and customers to wear masks (some states require them).  by Make sales and maintenance services “appointment only”. This will limit the amount of people in the building at a single time. Clean cars thoroughly before handing them off to the customer. These measures will help create a safer environment for both employees and customers. 

Auto Dealership Cleaning With Corporate Cleaning Group

Corporate Cleaning Group understands the importance of your customers having a great experience from the moment they step into your dealership. That experience starts with the cleanliness of your facility. Our team is fully-trained in using current cleaning technologies. At CCG we use medical facility cleaning procedures for all facility types. We use EPA registered disinfectant and allow for chemical dwell time for maximum effectiveness. For more information about our infection prevention and disinfection services visit us online.

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