Who Can Manage My School Cleaning?

The staff at professional cleaning companies are trained and experienced in school cleaning and disinfecting educational facilities. Expert school cleaners understand the importance of promoting a healthy school environment to keep teachers and students safe. They provide flexible scheduling to meet the flow of traffic and never interfere with students learning. School cleaners are knowledgeable about educational operations and understand that high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas are breeding grounds for dangerous germs and illnesses. 

How Often Do Schools Need Cleaning?

Professional cleaning companies can work with schools to create a daily cleaning schedule that ensures the school is always clean. They are flexible with school cleaning schedules and can handle setting up and cleaning special events and cleaning and disinfecting hallways, desktops, locker rooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, and more. School cleaning can reduce student and staff absenteeism and sick days and increase productivity and happiness.

School Cleaning With Corporate Cleaning Group

Corporate Cleaning Group provides school cleaning in Springfield, MO, Walled Lake, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Lansing, MI, and all across the United States. When serving students and educators, we are both vigilant and agile. We are a leader in the janitorial service industry and have a proven track record of professionalism with over 26 years of experience. Our high-quality educational cleaning solutions consider your budget, flow of traffic, and unique janitorial needs. Contact us today to request a consultation or to learn more about us.

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