What Duties are Included in Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services are typically needed in commercial buildings like schools, medical offices, restaurants, retail stores, and many other public properties. Janitorial services are usually needed on a regular basis and require a customized cleaning plan for each job. The janitorial duties include sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, collecting and disposing of trash, wipe down all common areas, and much more. They may also keep track of major or minor repairs that need to be attended to and inform management. Janitorial duties may vary depending on the company hired, but that is why a customized plan is needed in order to make sure all needs are met. 

Cost of Janitorial Services 

The cost of Janitorial services will depend on a few things, including the size of the location, cleaning duties required, how often needed, and the complexity of the customized cleaning plan. The average hourly cost can be between $30 to $40. Some companies will base it off of square footage, not the time it takes to clean it, and that can start off around $150 for 1000 sq ft and go up to $900 for over 10,000 sq ft. You want to read reviews, and check of licensing before hiring a cleaning company so that you can trust they are worth the money,  

Janitorial Services With Corporate Cleaning Group

CCG has years of experience within the professional cleaning industry and operates all across the United States including Weirton, WV, Denver, CO, Kernersville, NC, Livonia, MI, and other cities. We will develop a customized cleaning process to meet the cleaning guidelines in high-traffic areas. We always use the latest medical-grade cleaning products and equipment to meet the needs of your commercial location. We guarantee high-quality customer service and satisfaction. To learn more about our janitorial services, or other professional cleaning services, please contact us today.

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