How Often Do I Need Office Cleaning Services?

How often you need office cleaning services can differ depending on the traffic in the office. Most offices need cleaning services around three to five times a week, but many offices require daily janitorial cleaning. Typical janitorial office cleaning can take up to a couple of hours depending on the size of the office. Office deep cleaning typically takes longer and will provide a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the office. On average, offices’ should be deep cleaned at least twice a year. 

What Do Office Cleaning Services Include?

Office cleaning services can include vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, restocking, trash removal, and more depending on the office’s needs. Office cleaning companies can create an office clean-up schedule designed to not interfere with your business during opening hours. Professional and trusted office cleaners can provide services during non-business hours and open and lock up the office. Office cleaning should include the cleaning and disinfecting services that need to be done frequently to ensure safety in the workplace.

Office Cleaning Services With Corporate Cleaning Group

If you are looking for office cleaning services in Lenexa, KS, Lansing, MI, Denver, CO, South East Kansas City, MO, or other cities across the United States, Corporate Cleaning Group can help you. We have been creating long-term professional relationships with our clients for over 20 years and provide them with competitive pricing and high-quality services. We take your employee’s health seriously and use our extensive industry knowledge to provide you with the best office cleaning services. We provide flexible scheduling options to respect your office’s flow of traffic. To arrange office cleaning services today, contact us online.

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